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Be a Friend!

The Friends of the Bogue Banks Library provide the library with special programming, supplies and supplemental materials not provided for in the library's budget. For example, the Friends of the Bogue Banks Library supply foul-weather bags and audio and CD books. They also support the children's programs and the Summer Reading Program.

Join the Friends of the Bogue Banks Library by printing the following form and mailing it to:


Friends of the Bogue Banks Public Library


320 Salter Path Road, Suite W


Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina 28512

Or, pick up the Friends of Bogue Banks Library membership envelope found at the library.

Friends of the Bogue Banks Public Library Membership Form:

I would like to enroll as a member of the Friends of the Bogue Banks Public Library for the calendar year of 20__.

Membership dues:


FAMILY $20.00



  Additional Donation: $_________

Please make checks payable to "FBBPL"



_________________________________________________ ZIP:______________


Volunteer Today!

I am interested in assisting with the following activities:


BOOK SALE__________________________________________________


SPECIAL EVENTS_____________________________________________


UNIQUE TALENTS (please specify) ____________________________ ____________________________________________________________