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       Seadogs historian Lucille Mades has donated a collection of Beaufort Graded School (later becoming Beaufort High School in 1947) class scrapbooks to the Carteret County Public Library in Beaufort.  
       The scrapbooks span the history of the school from 1927-1965. These records, so lovingly compiled by Ms. Mades and her granddaughter Belinda, are the result of years of dedication to preserving the history of the school. Included among these records are class rosters, class pictures, newspaper clippings and more.
Ms. Mades has also put together a brief chronology of the school’s history, with mention of notable events and students, such as Coach McQuaid’s famed 91 game winning streak, the impact of the Second World War on the school, and the fire of 1945. This chronology also serves as an index to the class scrapbooks.
       Allowing the public library to store and preserve these records will ensure that the public at large can appreciate the history of a once important institution in their community. This collection will be stored in the reference department’s locked cases for patrons to use on site.