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Boshamer Collection


List of Titles in the Boshamer Collection

            The Carteret County Public Library received an important collection of 160 Civil War books, donated by the Cary Boshamer estate. Henry Boshamer of Morehead City, father of the late Cary Boshamer, donated this collection of books to the Carteret County Public Library on behalf of Caryís wife Christine Reidel. Each book in this collection bears a memorial to the late Cary Boshamer.

            The collection consists of biographies of major military and political figures from the American Civil War period, battles and campaigns of the war, and general histories of the era. This collection significantly increases the libraryís holdings ahead of our nationís 150th commemoration of the four year Civil War. Most of these titles will be circulating and hence may be checked out by library patrons. The library is grateful to Christine Riedel and Henry Boshamer for this donation given in memory of Cary.