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Thank you for your interest in Let's Talk About It! The program will be back in the fall with a new list of exciting titles.



"Let's Talk About It!" Discussion Series

The Carteret County Public Library proudly presents the latest in this popular book discussion series. Your insights are the focus of the sessions. Our guest humanities scholars act as guides, leading discussion about how the books inform and enrich our lives. The library has limited copies of the books to loan at no charge.

Light refreshments will be served.


January 13, 2014


March 17, 2014

Meeting at 7 p.m.

Carteret County Public Library Program Room

1702 Live Oak Street, Beaufort


NEW: Let's Talk About It! comes to Western Carteret Public Library.


Free & Open to the Public



Mad Women in the Attic

    As In the Western Literary tradition, the mad woman in the attic has proven to be a convenient symbol for unconventional women who attempted to resist the patriarchal system. The mad woman was contained indoors—often in the attic—as treatment for her “disease” or madness. In reality, women oftentimes were driven mad by these oppressive conditions.
     However, alternative readings of the books in this series offer possible revisions of the mad woman in the attic with positive implications for readers. The poet Adrienne Rich writes, “Revision—the act of looking back, or seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction—is for women more than a chapter in cultural history: it is an act of survival.”
     Several books in this series which includes Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, The Yellow Wallpaper, and Sula, are themselves “re-visions” of the traditional idea of the mad woman in the attic.



Book List & Discussion Schedule




1. Monday, January 13, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Nan Miller, MA
Meredith College

Jane Eyre
By Charlotte Brontë
Orphaned as a baby, Jane Eyre struggles through her nearly loveless childhood and becomes governess at Thornfield Hall. Jane is passionate and opinionated, and values freedom and independence.


2. Monday, January 27, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Anne Baker, PhD
North Carolina State University

Wide Sargasso Sea
By Jean Rhys
Serving as a prequel to Jane Eyre, it is the story of Antoinette Cosway, a Creole heiress, from the time of her youth in the Caribbean to her unhappy marriage to a certain English gentleman who soon renames her, declares her mad, and then requires her to relocate to England.


4. Monday, February 24, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Bill DiNome, MFA

By Margaret Atwood
This book tells the story of a woman who returns to her hometown in Canada to find her missing father. The novel, grappling with notions of national and gendered identity, anticipated rising concerns about conservation and preservation and the emergence of Canadian nationalism.


5. Monday, March 10, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Rebecca Godwin, PhD
Barton College

By Toni Morrison
Sula revolves around the relationship between two little girls growing up in a poor, black neighborhood nestled high in the hilltops. However, out of this bitter, abrasive environment grows a beautiful friendship between Sula and Nel.


3. Monday, March 17, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Lucinda MacKethan, PhD
North Carolina State University

The Yellow Wallpaper
By Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Presented in the first person, the story is a collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician-husband has confined her to the upstairs bedroom of a house he has rented for the summer. 


Program Sponsors




This project is made possible by funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Friends of Carteret County Public Library provide matching funds for the “Let’s Talk About It” book series.

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