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Census Records:
bullet1800, North Carolina: Bladen, Carteret, Caswell, Chatham, Cumberland, Duplin, Franklin, Granville, Greene, Guildford, Hertford, Johnston and Jones
bullet1820, North Carolina: Burke, Carteret, Cumberland, Hyde, Jones, Lincoln, Nash, Wayne, Wilkes
bullet1830, North Carolina: Cumberland, Columbus
bullet1840, North Carolina: Cabarrus, Columbus, Carteret, Currituck
bullet1850, North Carolina: Cumberland
bullet1860, South Carolina: Harry, Kershaw, Lancaster
bullet1870, North Carolina: Camden
bullet1890, North Carolina: Union veterans and widows of Civil War
bullet1900, North Carolina: Caldwell, Camden
bullet1910, North Carolina: Guilford
bullet1910, North Carolina: Carteret
bullet1910, North Carolina: Alamance, Alexander, Carteret
Other Records:
bulletCarteret County Wills: 1829-1916
bulletCarteret County Wills: 1760-1880
bulletCarteret County Wills: 1745-1920
bulletCarteret County Wills: 1925-1948
bulletCraven, Record of Wills, 1708-1796
bulletCraven, Record of Wills, 1796-1839
bulletCraven, Record of Wills, 1840-1891
bulletOnslow, Record of Wills, 1790-1837
bulletOnslow, Record of Wills, 1837-1907
bulletMarriage Register, 1951-1961, Index to Vital Statistics, Births, 1874-1957
bulletCarteret, Marriage Register, 1872-1951
bulletCarteret, Marriage Register, 1872-1975, vols. A-N
bulletCarteret, Marriage Register, 1872-1975, vols. 0-Z
bulletCarteret, Index to Vital Statistics, Deaths 1913-1957
bulletCarteret, Record of Deeds, vols. A-F, 1722-1759
bulletCarteret, Record of Deeds, vols. G-I, 1759-1820
bulletCarteret, Record of Deeds, vols. K-M, 1777-1860
bulletCarteret, Record of Deeds, vols. N-P, 1795-1883
bulletCraven County Deeds, 1793-1868
bulletCarteret, Index to Real Estate Conveyances Grantor, 1722-1903 vols. H-Q, R-Z
bulletCarteret, Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Grantor 1722-1903 vols. A-G
bulletVirginia Land Office, Index to patents and grants, 1623-1774
bulletVirginia Land patent, Book 8, 1689-1695
bulletCopies of Passenger Lists, 1820-1873
bulletNew York: 178 Infantry
bulletIndex to marriage bonds filed in the SC State Archives (1741-1868) (microfiche)
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