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Items in this database include Vertical Files, Notebooks and Oversized Materials


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Name_or_Subject Folder_Name More_Information
1790 Census, NC 1790 Census, NC http://carteret.cpclib.org/eec/0/1790%20census,%20NC.pdf
1810 Census, Jones County Jones County Census 1810 County Census 1810.pdf
1850 Census, Jones Co., N.C. 1850 Census, Jones Co., N.C. http://carteret.cpclib.org/eec/0/1850%20Census,%20Jones%20Co.,%20N.C.pdf
Abbot N.C. Bible Records, Vol. I Bible Records Vol. I.pdf
Abbott Lawrence
Able Bible Records I [Notebook] Records I [Notebook].pdf
Adam Dennis, Dinnes, Dinnes.pdf
Adams Adams
Adams Bell, Levi, Levi.pdf
Adams Bible Records records.pdf
Adams Guthrie, Adams, Adams.pdf
Adams Lewis, Mullington, Mullington.pdf
Adams Pringle
Adams Thompson
Adams Titus
Adams (deed) Gabriel
Adams, Charlotte Bell, Levi, Levi.pdf
Addmont Barnes
Albertson Stanton
Aldrich Pike
Alexander In Process Process.pdf
Algood Vick
Alkinson Dudley
Allcock Pike
Allen Dew

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