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     On Saturday, October 27, 2012 Nancy Wolfe of Beaufort receives the award for the Frannie Ashburn Volunteer of the Year for Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries Southeast District in Greensboro. In addition, Friends of Carteret County Public Library will receive a $150 cash bonus. The mission of the Friends of Carteret County Public Library is to develop resources to support a library system of excellence for the citizens of, and visitors to, Carteret County. Friends of the Carteret County Public Library support the Library with tax-deductible contributions for items not covered by the budget, such as audio books, the Summer Reading Program, and Adult Education programs.
     In 2007, the Board of FONCPL decided to institute an award to recognize the volunteer work of individual Friends. Since all Friends are volunteers one award did not seem adequate. It seemed good use of FONCPL resources to recognize five volunteers, one from each of the areas across the state. The nominations are judged by a committee of peer Friends. Those chosen are recognized at FONCPL’s annual meeting and recognition luncheon with a certificate and a $150 check for his/her local Friends group.
     According to the organization, Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries, our statewide volunteer Friends of the Library organization, provides a network for sharing ideas and resources to strengthen our public library service statewide. FONCPL supports the North Carolina Public Library Directors Association in its efforts to improve public library facilities, services, and holdings.
     Since 2006, Wolfe has volunteered on the “Little Red Book Wagon.” Since 2009, she has served as an executive board member with Friend of Carteret County Public Library as well serving as the Chairman of the Book Sales Committee. In addition to those duties, she helped with the transfer of cartons of books from the old Ice House storage unit to library in October 2011; she organized a “Thank-you Volunteers” dinner in November 2011; and she helped set up the “Book Nook” book sale area in the library including stocking it with books since December 2011. Wolfe also remains on-call to pick up large book donations, which includes loading them in a van and depositing them at the library.
     The library thanks Nancy Wolfe for her industrious efforts in behind the scenes work and dedicated service.