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Susan Simpson and Marlene Anderson

The public library’s countywide reading program for March 2006, “Carteret County Reads Together”, has received a special sponsor. Marlene Anderson presented a $900.00 check to Susan W. Simpson, Librarian, for the program in honor of her husband, Captain Andy Anderson.

“Andy grew up in the backwoods of Alabama. He was dyslexic, and did not learn to read until he was 10 years old,” Ms. Anderson explained. “The first books he read were Captains Courageous and the Horatio Hornblower series. The books opened possibilities, and let him believe that there was a future for him beyond Alabama. They lead Andy to his career of travel and adventure. These books meant the world to him.”

Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling is the title selected for the March county wide reading program. The book was chosen to highlight Carteret County’s rich maritime heritage, industries, and coastal environment. According to Ms. Simpson, “This One Read program is the public library’s contribution to the Tall Ships event coming later in the year.”

Ms. Anderson’s donation will be used by the public library for materials, services, and supplies to publicize the One Read program. “The library is grateful to both Andy and Marlene Anderson for this gift.” Other sponsors include Carteret Arts Forum for “An Afternoon With Kipling” featuring Elliot Engel, Carteret Community College, Friends of Carteret County Public Library, Friends of Western Carteret Library, and the Outer Banks Chapter of the National Charity League

For more information about “Carteret County Reads Together” call the library at 728-2050 or visit on the Internet http://carteret.cpclib.org.