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300 - Social Sciences - Statistics, Government, Law, Economics & Finance,
  Social Issues & Services, Education

United States Census Bureau
Find population and demographics information for any state.

North Carolina State Data Center
Find population and demographics information for North Carolina.

North Carolina State Demographics
State, county and local demographics.

State of North Carolina
The "people's gateway to government services" in North Carolina.

Carteret County Official Website
"Features county boards and commissions, ordinances, and employee directory." Also includes GIS maps & hurricane information.

Legislation information from the Library of Congress
Search for bills, see current law information.

Government resources available via
Legislative Directory
Military and Government Collection
Bills from the NC General Assembly
Government Employee Telephone Directory
Government journals available via
Harper's Magazine
State News
United States Government Manual
Wilson Quarterly

Carteret County Code of Ordinances
"This Code constitutes a complete codification of the general and permanent ordinances of the County of Carteret, North Carolina."

North Carolina Building Codes
Click on Adopted Code Information at left, then NC State Building Codes, to view list. Includes electrical codes and past codes.

North Carolina Driver's Handbook
The full handbook online, available in PDF or HTML.

North Carolina General Statutes
From the North Carolina General Assembly, Organized by chapter and section, searchable.

Free Advice
"Free Legal Advice is the best law site for consumers, with easy to understand answers to legal questions from expert lawyers."'s Law Dictionary
"'s online Real Life Dictionary of the Law. The easiest-to-read, most user-friendly guide to legal terms. Use it free!"

Legal resources available via
Crime in North Carolina
North Carolina Driver's Handbook
Legal journals available via
Berkeley Law Journal (various)
Business Law Review
Harvard Law Review

Economics & Finance:
Carteret County Economic Development Council
"Carteret County EDC promotes the economic development and provides resources for relocation and expansion."

Related resources available via
Economic Development Information System
Morningstar Library Edition
Related resources available via
Economic Review
Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Social Issues & Services:
Consumer Action Website
"A must-have consumer survival guide from the Federal government."

Flood Maps
North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program. "The latest information on the Floodplain Mapping program is provided here." Includes digital flood maps, letters of map change, public documents archive & project specific status information.

Social Services journals available via
Consumer Reports
Health & Social Work
Social Work

Carteret County Schools
Links and information about all schools in the Carteret County public school system.

Carteret Community College 
"Offering both degree and community education in coastal North Carolina.
Education resources available via
Learning Express Library
NC Public Schools Statistical Profile
NC Curriculum
NC Education Directory
NC Teacher Academy
Education journals available via
Education Week
Journal of Higher Education
Radical Teacher
Teacher Magazine
Teaching PreK-8

Learning Express "Learn-A-Test" resources available via
Exams: Border Patrol, Corrections Officer, Police Officer, & Postal Worker, Real Estate, ASVAB, Military Flight Aptitude, etc.
Career Starters: Civil Service, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, etc.
Also: U.S. Citizenship: A Step by Step Guide
CQ Researcher articles related to these subjects:
Religion and Politics
Partisan Politics
Low Voter Turnout
Political Scandals
Campaign Finance Reform
Stimulating the Economy
Exporting Jobs
Minimum Wage
International Law
No Child Left Behind
Gun Control
Government Secrecy
Protecting Whistleblowers
Social Security Reform
Caring for the Elderly
Home Schooling Debate
Testing in Schools
Future of the Airline Industry
Stock Market Troubles
Future of the Music Industry
Corporate Crime