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World Religion, Religion in North Carolina, Mythology

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400 - Language
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500 - Pure Sciences
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Art, Architecture, Music, Sports

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700 - The Arts - Art, Architecture, Music, Sports
Famous Artworks Exhibition
Includes an artist index and art images.
North Carolina Museum of Art 
"Collections, events, children's online area, and more."
Arts Council of Carteret County 
"Carteret County has a wealth of artists and artistic events." Includes a directory of local artists.
Art resources available via
CAMIO "Catalog of Art Museum Images Online"
Art journals available via
Arts & Activities
Craft Arts International
Graphic Arts Monthly

Architecture journals available via
Journal of Architecture

Music journals available via
Contemporary Music Review
General Music Today
Folk Music
Journal of Research in Music Education
Music Week

Sports Records
"For the general sport enthusiast... Results of sporting events from 1960 to the present day are listed along with record holders and award winners.
Sports journals available via
Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated for Kids


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