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If you are experiencing trouble accessing HeritageQuest from home, use the following steps to fix the problem:

Step 1:

Use ProQuest's Technical Support Page

bullet http://www.proquest.com/techsupport/
bulletUse the Browser Health Check & the FAQ for students and patrons

Step 2:

Delete all cookies and temporary Internet Files.

bulletIn your Internet Explorer browser, go to Tools & choose Internet Options
bulletDelete cookies and Delete files (including offline content) from the General Tab
bulletClick OK


Step 3:

Reload or Refresh the HeritageQuest page

bulletClick the Refresh/Reload button in your Internet Explorer browser with the HeritageQuest page open
bulletClose Internet Explorer


Step 4:

Are you accessing HeritageQuest from the correct page?

bullet http://carteret.cpclib.org/resources/heritagequest.htm

Step 5:

Enter the correct Library Card number

bulletYou should have a valid library card from a Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional Library
bulletUse all ten-digits of the barcode

Step 6:

(Make changes to your computer at your own risk.)

Enable cookies, Java scripting & security setting

bulletIn your Internet Explorer browser, go to Tools & choose Internet Options
bulletOn the General Tab, click Settings under Temporary Internet Files
bulletMake sure your browser checks for new versions of webpages "Automatically" & click OK
bulletUnder the Security tab, click Custom Level
bulletReset Level to Medium or Medium Low and click OK
bulletOn the Privacy Tab, set privacy to Medium or Low & Click OK to exit Internet Options

Step 7:

Are you using America Online (AOL)?

There are some know issues with remote users accessing HQO using AOL. Other ISPs might cause similar problems, but at least we've been able to find that if you are using AOL 8.0, the only thing you have to do is minimize AOL and open Internet Explorer outside AOL. If you are using AOL 9.0, you open your Internet Explorer browser, go to Tools, then Internet Options, and then when you get the little window with all the tabs, choose the AOL tab and choose on the Web Browser Accelerator section of that tab the option that says 'Do not Store Web Pages'. After you do this you can access HQO through AOL. 9.0 without minimizing it.

Step 8:

Do you use a firewall or internet security program?

Another thing that might be causing problems accessing HQO remotely is if you are using a firewall or security software on their computer. Please visit this URL <http://www.texshare.edu/remote/firewall.html> to find instructions on how to set up your firewall/security software (Norton's) so that they can access HQO.

Step 9:

Still not able to access HeritageQuest?

bulletCall your library to ask questions about HeritageQuest.
bulletUse ProQuest's technical support page: http://www.proquest.com/techsupport/tech-contact.shtml
bulletOr call Proquest's toll-free technical support phone number: 1-800-889-3358 (Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional Library)