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Many of these new titles were made possible due to the generosity of our patrons and the Adopt-a-Book Program.


Updated at WCPL  Feb 2014

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Title Author Call number
   A tribute to military families : letters of thanks.. National Military Family Association 816.6 T
 Flyboys : a true story of courage  James Bradley 940.54 B
 The sorrows of empire : militarism, secrecy, Chalmers Johnson 355.02 J
100 Days and 99 Nights Alan Madison J F MAD
100 Days and 99 Nights Milly Lee J F LEE
101 Patriotic Poems, Songs and Speeches   811.008 O
11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour Joseph Persico 940.4 P
900 Days:  The Siege of Leningrad Harrison E. Salisbury 940.54 S
A Book of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi & Victor Harris, Translator 355.5 M
  A Bright Shining Lie:  John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam Neil Sheehan B Vann
A Frozen Hell William R. Trotter 948.9703 T
A History of Iraq Charles Tripp 956.704 T
  A Rumor of War Bradley, James FC CD 920 B c.2
A Rumor of War Philip Caputo 959.704 C
A Table in the Presence Lt. Carey H. Cash 956.704 C
A World War Two Submarine Michael Green J359.9 G
About Face:  The Odyssey of an American Warrior Col David H. Hackworth & Julie Sherman B Hackworth
Airplanes of World War II Michael Green J623.7 G
  All in : the education of General David Petraeus  Craig M. Mullaney FC B MULLANEY
All necessary force : a Pike Logan thriller Brad Taylor F TAY
All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque F REM
America Goes to War Bruce Catton 973.7 C
American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964 William R. Manchester B MACARTHUR
  American Gunboat Diplomacy and the Old Navy Kenneth J Hagan 359. H
America's Longest War George C. Herring 959.704 H
Among Warriors in Iraq Mike Tucker 956.7044 T
Amphibious Vehicles Michael Green J623.5 G
An Nairiyah: The Fight for the Bridges Gary Livingston 956.7044 L
And If I Perish:  Frontline U.S. Army Nurses in World War II Robert Leckie FC 940.54 L
Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy Time Life Books 737.7 A
Arms and Equipment of the Union Time Life Books 973.7 A
At Dawn We Slept:  The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor Gordon W. Prange 940.542 P
Atlas of American Military History Bing West LP F WES
Attack on Pearl Harbor David Pietrusza J940.54 P
Baa Baa Black Sheep Gregory "Pappy" Boyington B BOYINGTON
Band Of Brothers Stephen E. Ambrose 940.54 A
Bat 6 Robert Westall YA F WES
Battle Cry of Freedom:  The Civil War Era James M. McPherson 973.73 M
Battle of Britain Earle Rice J940.54 R
Battle of Midway Earle Rice J940.54 R
Battle of Tassafaronga Russell S. Crenshaw 940.54 C
Battleground:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Battleships Nancy R. Masters J623.7 R
Behind The Lines:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Beyond Band of Brothers Major Dick Winters B WINTERS
Bin Laden:  The Man Who Declared War on America Yossef Bodansky B BIN LADEN
Black Hawk Down Mark Bowden 967.7305 B
  Black Sheep:  The Definitive Account of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in World War II Bruce D. Gamble 940.54 G
Black Soldiers in Blue John David Smith 973.7 B
Blitzkrieg Robert Wernick; TIME LIFE Books 940.53 W
Blood and thunder : an epic of the American West Hampton Sides 978 S
Blood on the Sea Robert Sinclair Parkin 940.54 P
Bombers of World War II Nancy R. Masters J623.7 R
Book of Virtues William Bennett 808.8 B
Born Fighting:  How the Scots-Irish Shaped America James Webb 973 W
Brave Men, Gentle Heroes Michael Takiff 940.54 T
Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak, U.S. Marine Coram, Robert B KRULAK
Bury Us Upside Down Rick Newman 959.704 N
Bushmasters:  America's Jungle Warriors of World War II Anthony Arthur 940.54 A
Call to Arms:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks F FAU
Checkfire! William P. Mack F MAC
Chesty: The Story of Lt.Gen. Lewis B. Puller, USMC LtCol Jon T. Hoffman, USMCR B PULLER
Children of Topaz Susan Sinnott J940.53 S
China-Burma-India Don Moser; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 M
Citizen Soldiers Stephen E. Ambrose 940.54 A
  Code Talker Philip Caputo FC CD 959.704 C c.1
Company Command: The Bottom Line John G Meyer 355 M
Conduct unbecoming : lesbians and gays in the U.S Randy Shilts 355 S
  Corps Business:  The 30 Management Principles of the U.S. Marines David H. Freedman 658.4 F
Corps Values Zell Miller 303.3 M
Count on us : American women in the military Hedda Garza J355 G
Count on US: American Women in the Military Amy Nathan J355 N
Countering the New Terrorism Ian O. Lesser FC 303.6 C
  Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror (Unabridged Compact Disc) Bernard Lewis CD 297.7 L
Crusade in Europe Dwight D. Eisenhower 940.542 E
Crusade:  The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War Rick Atkinson 956.7044 A
Dancing With the Dragon Joe Weber F WEB
D-Day June 6, 1944:  The Climatic Battle of World War II Stephen E. Ambrose 940.54 A
  Death Traps:  The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II Belton Cooper 940.54 C
Dec. 7 1941:  The Day the Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor Gordon W. Prange 940.542 P
Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank 940.53 F
Don't You Know There's a War Going On? William Jacobs J B Eisenhower
Drift : the unmooring of American military power Rachel Maddow 306.2 M
  Dwight David Eisenhower:  Soldier and Statesman  Mark Owen; Kevin Maurer; FC CD B OWEN
Eagle Against the Sun:  The American War with Japan Ronald H. Spector 940.542 S
Eagle in the Snow Wallace Breem F BRE
Easy Company Soldier Don Malarkey CD B Malarke Y
Echoes of World War II Charnan Simon J791.43 S
Eisenhower at War, 1943-1945 David Eisenhower B EISENHOWER
Encyclopedia of American Military History Spencer C. Tucker R 355E
Encyclopedia of American Military History Spencer C. Tucker R 355E
Encyclopedia of American Military History Suart Murray R 355 M
Ernie Pyle's War James Tobin B Pyle
Ernie's War David Nichols, Ed. 940.52 P
Faith of My Fathers John S. McCain B McCain
Fallujah, With Honor Gary Livingston 956.7044 L
Fiasco Ricks, Thomas E 956.7044 R
  Fiasco : the American military adventure in Iraq Richard Jadick; Thomas Hayden FC 956.7044 J
Fighter Planes of World War II Nancy R. Masters J623.7 R
Fighting Terrorism Benjamin Netanyahu 363.32 N
Fire in the Streets, The Battle for Hue, Tet 1968 Eric Hamel 959.704 H
Flags of our Fathers James Bradley 920 B
  Flags of Our Fathers Paula Broadwell; Vernon Loeb FC B PETRAEUS
Flight Of the Intruder Stephen Coonts F COO
Forged in Steel: U.S. Marine Corps Aviation  C. J. Heatley 358.4 H
Fortunate Son Lewis B. Puller, Jr. B Puller
Fragments Jack Fuller F FUL
  From Foxholes and Flight Decks : Letters Home from WW II Rod Gragg 940.54 G
Germs:  Biological Weapons and America's Secret War William Broad 358 M
Ghost Soldiers Hampton Sides 940.54 S
Ghost Soldiers Hampton Sides CD 940.54 S
Give Me Tomorrow Patrick K O'Donnell 951.904 O
Go for Broke:  Japanese Americans in World War II Jacqueline Harris J940.54 H
Gods and Generals Jeff Shaara F SHA
Gods and Generals Robert Katz DVD F GOD c.4
Gone for Soldiers Jeff Shaara F SHA
  Good Night, Mr. Tom Wilborn Hampton YA 956.04 H
Good Shepherd LtGen Harold G. Moore LP 959.704 M
Good War:  Oral History of World War II Studs Terkel 940.54 T
Goodbye, Darkness William Manchester 940.54 M
Great Battles of the Civil War John Macdonald 973.7 M
Great Battles of World War II Evelyn M. Monahan and Rosemary Beidel-Greenlee FC 940.54 M
Great Battles of World War II John MacDonald 940.54 M (c.1)
  Great Battles of World War II:  Major Operations that Changed the Course of the War David Miller 940.53 M
Green Hell:  Battle for Guadalcanal William Owens 940.54 O
Guerrilla Warfare Che Guevara 355.02 G
Guns of August Barbara W. Tuchman 940.4 T
Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond 303.4 D
Hammer from Above:  Marine Air Combat over Iraq Jay A. Stout 956.7044 S
Hell in a Very Small Place Bernard B. Fall 959.704 F
Helmet For My Pillow Robert Leckie B Leckie
  Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts Robert D., Kaplan FC 355 K
  Hollywood at War:  The Motion Picture Industry and World War II Michael Green J623.8 G
Hope Is Not A Method Gordon R. Sullivan & Michael V. Harper 658 S
  Horse soldiers : the extraordinary story of a band of US soldiers.. Doug Stanton CD 958.104S
  Horse soldiers : the extraordinary story of a band of US soldiers.. Thomas E. Ricks FC 956.7044 R
House To House: A Soldier's Memoir David Bellavia 956.7044 B
How the North Won Herman Hattaway & Archer Jones 973.7 H
I Am A Soldier, Too Rick Bragg B LYNCH
I Am My Brother's Keeper GySgt Jason K Doran 956.7044 D
Ike and Monty:  Generals at War Norman Gelb 940.54 G
Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War Time Life Books 973.7 I
In My Enemy's House Michelle Margorian YA F MAG
In Pharaoh's Army Tobias Wolff 959.704 W
In Retrospect:  The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam Robert S. McNamara 959.704 M
Infamy:  Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath John Toland 940.542 T
  Inside Centcom:  The Unvarnished Truth about the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Michael DeLong 958.104 D
Into the Storm Tom Clancy 956.7044 C
Invasion of Normandy Walter Olekey J940.54 O
Iraq:  Providing Hope Eric Holmes 956.7044 H
Island Fighting Rafael Steinberg; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 S
It Doesn't Take A Hero Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf B Schwarzkopf
Iwo Jima:  Legacy of Valor Bill D. Ross 940.54 R
Jarhead Anthony Swofford 956.7044 S
Jarhead Anthony Swofford CD 956.7044 S
  Joker One: A Marine Platoon's Story of Courage, Leadership, and Brotherhood Donavan Campbell 956.7044 C
Knight's Cross:  A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel David Fraser B Rommel
Landscape Turned Red:  The Batlle of Antietam Stephen W. Sears 973.7 S
Landscapes of the Civil War Constance Sullivan 973.7 L
Last Lion, Winston Spencer Churchill William Manchester B Churchill
Liberation Martin Blumenson 940.542 B
Lifeline of the Confederacy Stephen R. Wise 973.7 W
Lily's Crossing Louise Borden J F BOR
Lima-6:  A Marine Company Commander in Vietnam Colonel R. D. Camp with Eric Hammel 959.704 C
Lincoln on Leadership Donald T. Phillips 973.7 P
Line of Fire:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Lion and the Unicorn Mary Downing Hahn J F HAH
Little Ships James Stevenson J B Stevenson
  Longitudes and Attitudes:  The World in the Age of Terrorism Thomas L. Friedman 973.931 F
Lost Soldiers James Webb F WEB
Love My Rifle More Than You Kayla Williams B WILLIAMS
Machine Gunners Graham Salisbury YA F SAL
Making the Corps Thomas E. Ricks 359.9 R
March To Glory Robert Leckie 951.9L
Marine!  The Life of Chesty Puller Burke Davis B PULLER
Marine:  A  Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit Tom Clancy 359.96 C
Marshall:  Hero for Our Times Leonard Mosley B Marshall
Military Leaders of World War II Tom McGowen J940.54 M
Miracle at Midway Gordon W. Prange 940.542 P
Moon Is Down John Steinbeck F STE
My American Journey Colin L. Powell w/ Joseph E. Persico B POWELL
Narrative of the War Between the States Gen. Jubal A. Early 973.7 E
Navajo Code Talkers Michael Tunnell J940.53 T
Never Quit the Fight Ralph Peters 355 P
New Glory Ralph Peters 327.73 P
New Guinea William P. Mack F MAC
Nim and the War Effort Shirley Hughes J F HUG
No easy day the firsthand account of the mission that killed  Chester Nez FC CD B Nez
No Pretty Pictures:  A Child of War Kathlyn Gay J940.53 G
Normandy William P. Mack F MAC
Not a Good Day to Die Sean Naylor 958.104 N
Nothing Less Than Victory Russell Miller 940.54 M
O'Hara's Choice Leon Uris F URI
Okinawa:  The Last Battle of WWII James D. Hornfischer FC 940.54 H
On Call in Hell CDR. Richard Jadick 956.7044 J
On call in hell : a doctor's Iraq War story John MacDonald FC 940.54 M (c.2)
On Infantry:  Revised Edition John A. English & Bruce I. Gudmundsson 356 E
On War Carl Von Clausewitz 355 C
Once A Legend:  "Red Mike" Edson of the Marine Raiders Jon T. Hoffman B EDSON
Once Upon a Distant War William Prochnau 959.704 P
One of Us Jack Ruppert 359.9 R
  Our Burden of Shame:  Japanese American Internment During World War II Schoschana Rabinovici J940.53 R
Our Vietnam: The War 1954-1975 Langguth, A. J. 959.704 L
Over Here, Over There Maxene Andrews and Bill Gilbert 782.42 A
Partisans and Guerrillas Ronald H. Bailey; TIME LIFE Books 940.534 B
Peacekeepers At War Col. Timothy J. Geraghty, USMC (Ret.) 956.9204 G
Phantom Soldier H. John Poole 355 P
Phase Line Green:  The Battle for Hue, 1968 Nicholas Warr 959.704 W
Pictorial History of World War II Charles Herridge 940.541 H
PT Boats Michael Green J359 G
Pursuit of the Seawolf William P. Mack F MAC
Red Rabbit Tom Clancy F CLA
Return to the Philippines Rafael Steinberg; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 S
Robert E. Lee Emory M. Thomas B Lee
  Rosie the Riveter:  Women Working on the Home Front in World War II Robert Westall J F WES
Run Silent, Run Deep Edward Beach F BEA
Russia Besieged Nicholas Bethell; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 B
Sea of Glory:  A Naval History of the American Revolution Nathan Miller 973.3 M
Second World War Martin Gilbert 940.53 G
Semper Fi in the Sky Gerald Astor 940.54 A
Semper Fi:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey 646.7 C
Shadow warriors : inside the Special Forces Tom Clancy 356 C
Ship of Ghosts Robert Goralski FC 940.53 G
Silent Running James F. Calvert B Calvert
Six Armies in Normandy John Keegan 940.54 K
Smithsonian's Great Battles & Battlefields of the Civil War Jay Wertz 917.304 W
So Proudly They Served Nathan Aaseng J940.54 A
South to Java William P. Mack F MAC
Spare Parts Buzz Williams B Williams
Stepping on the Cracks Patricia R. Giff J F GIF
Stoic Warriors Nancy Sherman 188 S
Stolen Valor B. G. Burkett 959.704 B
Stones in Water Carol Matas YA F MAT
  Stonewall in the Valley:  Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Spring 1862 Robert G. Tanner 973.7 T
Storm Over Iraq Richard P. Hallion 358.4 H
Straits of Messina William P. Mack F MAC
Strike Force: U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Agostino Von Hassell 359.9 V
Taking Fire Ron Alexander 959.704 A
Tenting Tonight:  The Soldier's Life James I. Robertson Jr 973.7 R
Thanks to My Mother Anita Lobel J940.53 L
That Devil Forrest John Allan Wyeth B FORREST
The Air War in Europe Ronald H. Bailey; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 B
The Airmen and the Headhunters   CD 940.542 H
The American Way of War Russell Frank Weigley 355.42 W
The Anatomy of Courage Charles Moran 355.02 M
The Army of the Potomac:  A Stillness at Appomatox Bruce Catton 973.734 C
The Army of the Potomac:  Glory Road Bruce Catton 973.736 C
The Battle of Britain Leonard Mosely; TIME LIFE Books 940.534 M
The Battle of New River L. J. Kimball 973.7 K
The Battle of the Atlantic Barrie Pitt 940.542 P
The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc Douglas Brinkley 940.54 B
The Bridge At Dong Ha John Grider Miller & James B. Stockdale 959.704 M
The Buffalo Soldiers William H. Leckie 357 L
The Burma Road Donovan Webster 940.54 W
The Civil War Geoffrey E Ward CD 973.7 W
The Civil War in North Carolina John G. Barrett 973.7 B
The Civil War Reader Richard B. Harwell 973.7 C
  The Civil War Trilogy:  Gods and Generals; The Killer Angels; The Last Full Measure Michael Shaara & Jeff Shaara F SHA
The Civil War:  An Illustrated History  Doug Stanton FC 958.104 S
The Civil War:  Gettysburg Champ Clark; TIME-LIFE Books 973.734 C
The Civil War:  Lee Takes Command TIME-LIFE Books 973.732 L
The Command of the Air Giulio Douhet 358.4 D
The dark side : the inside story of how the war on… Jane Mayer 973.931 M
The Defense of Hill 781 James R. McDonough 355.4 M
The Elements of Style William Strunk, Jr. 808 S
The Emperor's General James H. Webb F WEB
The Face of Battle John Keegan 355.48 K
The Fearless Man Donald Pfarrer F PFA
  The First Domino:  Eisenhower, the Military, and America's Intervention in Vietnam James R. Arnold 327.73 A
The First World War John Keegan 940.3 K
The General's War Michael R. Gordon & Gen.Bernard E. Trainor 956.7044 G
The Gettysburg Campaign Edwin B. Coddington 973.7 C
The Girls Come Marching Home Kirsten Holmstedt 920 H
The Good Soldier Selene H. C. Weise B WEISE
The Great Santini Pat Conroy F CON
  The Hat:  A Salute to the USMC Drill Instructors, Parris Island, SC Carolyn Lyle Evans 359.9 E
The Home Front: U.S.A. Ronald H. Bailey; TIME LIFE Books 940.531 B
The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War Jimmy Carter CD F CAR
The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War Jimmy Carter F CAR
The Italian Campaign Robert Wallace; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 W
The Killer Angels Michael Shaara CD F Sha
The Killer Angels Michael Shaara F Sha
The Kinder, Gentler Military Stephanie Gutmann 355 G
The Korean War Max Hastings 951.9 H
The Last Full Measure Jeff Shaara F SHA
The Last Ridge McKay Jenkins 940.54 J
The Last Stand Nathaniel Philbrick CD 973.82 P
The Long Walk Brian Castner B Castner
The Longest Winter Earle Rice J940.54 R
  The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division Bing West and Major General Ray L. Smith 956.7044 W
The Marines of Autumn James Brady F BRA
The Mask of Command John Keegan 355.3 K
  The mission : waging war and keeping peace with America's Military Dana Priest FC 355 P
The Moral Compass William J. Bennett 808.8 M
The New Terrorism Walter Laqueur FC 303.6 C
The New Terrorism and Response   327.73 N
The Next World War James Adams 355.3 A
The Nightingales Song Robert Timberg 327.73 T
The Only Thing Worth Dying For Eric Blehm 958.104 B
The Oxford Companion to World War II Spencer C. Tucker R 355E
The Pepperdogs C. S. Forester LP F FOR
  The Quiet Warrior:  A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance Thomas B. Buell B Spruance
The Rape of Nanking Iris Chang 951.04 C
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane CD F CRA
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane F CRA
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Paul M. Kennedy 909.82 K
  The rise and fall of the great powers : economic Paul M., Kennedy 909.82 K
The Rising Sun Arthur Zich; TIME LIFE Books 940.542 Z
The Second Front Douglas Botting 940.542 B
The Secret War for the Union Edwin C. Fishel 973.7 F
  The Sling and the Stone Thomas X Hammes 355.4209  H
The Spirit of Semper Fidelis Maj Rick Spooner F SPO
The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien FC CD F OBR
The Tunnels of Cu Chi Tom Mangold 959.704 M
The Ugly American William J. Ledrerer & Eugene Burdick F LED
The unforgiving minute : a soldier's education Geoffrey C. Ward FC 973.7 W
The United States Marines:  A History Edwin Howard Simmons 359.9 S
The Village Bing West 959.704 W
The Village War William R. Andrews 959.704 A
The War in the Desert Richard Collier; TIME LIFE Books 940.541 C
The World is Flat Thomas L. Friedman 303.48 F
The Zimmermann Telegram Barbara Tuchman 940.3 T
This People's Navy Kenneth J. Hagan 359 H
This War Really Matters George C. Wilson 355.6 W
Through Our Enemies' Eyes Anonymous B BIN LADEN
  Time for Trumpets:  The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge Charles B. MacDonald 940.542 M
Time of Fire Vera Propp J F PRO
To Shining Sea:  A History of the United States Navy Stephen Howarth 359 H
Training Planes of World War II Nancy R. Masters J623.7 R
Tuskegee Airmen:  Black Heroes of World War II Madelyn K. Anderson J940.54 A
Two Souls Indivisible James S. Hirsch 959.704 H
U. S. Army Uniforms of World War II Shelby Stanton 355.1 S
U.S. Coast Guard in World War II Malcolm F. Willoughby 940.54 W
Undaunted Courage Stephen Ambrose 917.804 A
Under fire W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Under Fire:  The Corps W. E. B. Griffin F GRI
Under the Blood Red Sun Donna Napoli YA F NAP
Uniforms & Insignia of the Navies of World War II U.S. Naval Intelligence 359.1409 U
United States Marine Corps Michael Green J359.8 G
United States Navy Michael Green J358.4 G
  Unseen War in Europe:  Espionage and Conspiracy in the Second World War John H. Waller 940.54 W
Usama Bin Laden's Al-Qaida Network Yonah Alexander & Michael S. Swetnam 303.6 A
  Victors:  Eisenhower and His Boys, the Men of World War II Stephen E. Ambrose 940.54 A
Vietnam:  A History Stanley Karnow 959.704 K
Virtues of War:  A Novel of Alexander the Great Steven Pressfield F PRE
  Vive la France:  The French Resistance During World War II Trish Marx J920 M
War and Peace L. N. Tolstoy F TOL
War Bird:  The Life and Times of Elliott White Springs Burke Davis B Springs
War in the Middle East : a reporter's story I. C. B. Dear R 940.43 O
War Letters Andrew Carroll 355 W
War Stories II:  Heroism in the Pacific Oliver North 940.54 W
War Stories of D-Day: Operation Overlord June 6, 1944 Michael Green 940.54 G
Warriors The United States Marines Agostino Von Hassell 359.9 V
We Are Soldiers Still Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (USA Ret.) 959.704 M
  We Band of Angels:  The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese Elizabeth Norman 940.54 N
  We Shall Return!  MacArthur's Commanders and the Defeat of Japan William Leary 940.54 W
We Were Soldiers Once…And Young Alex Kershaw LP 940.54 K
What Went Wrong Bernard Lewis 956 L
When I Was a Young Man Bob Kerrey B Kerrey
When the Soldiers Were Gone Vera Propp J F PRO
Without Regard to Race Penny Colman J331.4 C
World War II Robert Green J940.53 G
World War II Almanac 1931-1945 Martin Gilbert FC 940.3 G
World War II in the Mediterranean Carlo D'Este 940.54 D
World War II Memorial Douglas Brinkley 940.54 W
Writers on World War II, An Anthology Mordecai Richler, Ed. 808.8 W



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